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Alberta Firefighters vs AHS

A group of Alberta Firefighters has launched a constitutional challenge against Alberta Health Services.

  • Many Alberta firefighters are facing loss of employment due to the AHS vaccine mandate.

  • These firefighters would like the option to be regularly tested for Covid-19 like their fellow municipal employees.

  • Constitutional Lawyer Derek From and the law firm WARNOCK KRAFT ANDERSON have been retained to mount a constitutional challenge.

OCT. 14 2021, Airdrie, Alberta

Firefighters employed with municipal fire departments that are contracted to AHS to provide EMS are required by AHS to be fully immunized against Covid-19 by Nov. 1st or face an unpaid leave of absence and possible termination. Many firefighters from across the province are refusing to take the vaccine at this time for various reasons.

“I was injured in a fire last October (2020) and I’m still recovering and on modified duties. I was looking forward to getting vaccinated but being debilitated with hypoxic rhabdomyolysis gave me pause. I want to choose the time and place to take the vaccine that makes sense to me and my recovery. I shouldn’t face unemployment because of a rigid policy that has no regard for my current health.” - Brian Follett, Firefighter/Paramedic

Firefighters who, like Brian, face unemployment if not fully immunized by Nov. 1st have formed a group called Fight For The Frontline ( and retained lawyer Derek From of Warnock Kraft Anderson to mount a constitutional challenge. Even in times of stress, Charter rights and human rights must be appropriately balanced and accommodated with the government’s policy objectives.

“These firefighters are willing to get tested regularly to prove they are free of contagion which will make them safer for work than individuals who are simply vaccinated. I’m confident we are on the right side of the constitution and history. We will win.” - Derek From, Barrister & Solicitor

Fight For The Frontline represents a growing number of firefighters, paramedics and frontline workers from across the province interested in fighting the mandate. Not even office staff or dispatchers are exempt from the mandate. Some members are fully immunized, some have provable natural immunity, others have religious and medical reasons for refusing the vaccine. All members are fighting for the right to refuse the vaccine while other effective options exist.

“I’m happily fully immunized. I’m in this to fight for my brothers and sisters who are being discarded by the system like yesterdays trash. These are some of the best people I know. Highly skilled responders who have sacrificed their physical and mental health for their community. Communities are LESS safe without them. I’m also fighting for the future. If they get away with this there will be no end to humiliating violations of bodily autonomy in the future.” - Tim Moen, Firefighter/Paramedic

Today a letter (attached) was sent to Dr. Verna Yiu, President and CEO, Alberta Health Services with a list of reasonable demands. If these demands aren’t met Fight For The Frontline will see this constitutional challenge through to the end.

Fight For The Frontline |

Name of Press Contact: Tim Moen
Phone: (780)598-2558


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