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Brian is a Firefighter/Paramedic

who was looking forward to getting vaccinated after serving on the frontline of the pandemic for nearly a year. In fact he was among the many paramedics who fought to make the vaccine available to paramedics at the same time they were being made available to other healthcare workers.

Then Brian was injured fighting a fire serving his community. Sidelined for over 6 months with rhabdomyolysis, Brian was concerned about getting vaccinated while in his condition. He decided to hold off and isolate himself to avoid any complications to his recovery. Brian is more than willing to prove he is safe to work by getting screened and tested regularly, he simply wants to preserve his choice to not get vaccinated right now.

There are many frontline workers in Brians position who don’t want to lose their jobs for choosing not to get vaccinated right now. People who are not only committed to coming to work safely but who have sacrificed their physical and mental health fighting for their community. Now is your opportunity to stand-up for frontline workers who like Brian who put themselves at risk to keep you safe.

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About Us.

We are a group of Firefighter/Paramedics who work for municipal Fire Departments that are contracted to Alberta Health Services (AHS) to provide Emergency Medical Services. While our respective employers (municipalities) respect our right to choose how we show up to work safe (either vaccine or RAPID test) AHS does not and is enforcing a policy that mandates vaccination. This puts our employment in jeopardy.

We have retained a constitutional lawyer and will be taking the fight to AHS. Our numbers are growing to include other AHS contract providers and AHS employees. The government enforces their monopoly on the services we provide and so they don't have the right to discriminate in this way. If you are a frontline worker who would like to join our fight with AHS please sign up below.

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